Six-hour-long Hindi film on Jesus CHRISTAYAN


A six-hour-long film on Jesus in Hindi, directed by Divine Word Father Geo George, was released in Indore on Dec. 2. Heworked seven years on it with a team of some 200 amateur actors and technical staff.
Most part of the film was made in Madhya Pradesh but the team of actors had to visit 10 states including the northeastern part of India. The team of over 200 people included scientists, professors, doctors, teachers, social activists, farmers, atheists, students, media persons, priests and religious sisters.
Ankit Sharma, a Hindu young man, acted as Jesus. Over 80 percent of the artists were “friends of Jesus” from other religions. ‘Christayan’ has an eastern flavor with Indian socio-cultural backgrounds and aesthetics interwoven with various genres of Indian music, rendered by some of the best singers and musicians of time.
Father George wrote the script, lyrics and also supervised the make up and costumes. The priest had been a grass root level missionary in the interior villages of the state. “I have presented Jesus as a prophet committed to empower women and give them a dignified place in the society,” he said. Jesus is presented as a person who is concerned about environment, defending the oppressed, teaching lessons of optimism and positive attitude, he added.
Inculturation is best expressed in the film by the celebration of festival of light. Bhagwat Gita and Vedas also find honorable presentation in the movie.